Tom Clancy’s The Division is an online action-RPG set in an immersive & realistic urban open world.

Everything starts on Black Friday, when a devastating pandemic sweeps through New York City, and society starts to collapse into chaos. You are humanity’s last hope: a member of The Division, a unit of sleeper agents activated to save what remains.

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You are an agent of The Division. You have been activated and sent to Manhattan to save what remains of civilization after the devastating pandemic. Teaming up with other Division agents, your mission is to restore order, investigate the source of the virus, and take back New York.

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Stronger together

In the Division, you can explore the open world and complete missions all by yourself. But you can also team up with up to 4 players to defeat your toughest enemies. Use complementary skills & weapons to build the best team of agents.

Weapons & gear

The Division is a modern action-RPG: customization and proper equipment are essential to succeed. Defeating enemies will grant you new weapons, mods & gear sets, which will enable you to become more powerful as you progress through the game.

Talents & Skills

Progressing in the game will allow you unlock special skills and abilities. You will have to choose wisely the ones you activate in order to adapt to the different situation you will have to face. In combat, use your skills wisely to get the upper hand and provide support to your teammates.

Base of Operations

The Base of Operations is your central hub. By completing missions in the streets of New York, you’ll contribute to restore medical services, technical support and security. Unlock new perks to develop your base and give survivors a safe place.


The Division takes places at the heart of Manhattan, the center of the epidemic. In this huge urban open-world, you will be able to complete a wide variety of mission to restore order and investigate the source of the virus outbreak.

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A wounded colossus

New York City’s recreation in The Division has suffered the most devastating pandemic our society has ever faced. Chaos took over the city, as its citizens tried to flee, leaving their former lives behind them. The entire world of The Division is a reminder of what happened.

Discover iconic locations

Explore the world to find unique locations, and discover what happened after the collapse of society. Enter the famous Madison Square Garden to find out what it hides, free Time Square from the thugs roaming the streets, or dare to go down into the New York underground if you think you can endure what you’ll find.

World activities

The Division’s universe is filled with open world activities. From a full story-driven campaign to varied side missions and random encounters, you will have to face many threats along your journey. Being an online game, The Division will also get new content and challenges every week, and provide a deep and long-term game experience.

A living and breathing world

Enter a universe where time of day and weather conditions impact your gaming experience. Use the environment to get a strategic advantage in combat, and upgrade your gas mask to enter the most contaminated areas.

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The shared name for bands of unorganized, opportunistic looters and rioters who roam the city in packs, preying on weaker citizens to survive.


A group of blue collar workers who have taken it upon themselves to rid New York City of the virus by burning anyone and anything that they suspect may carry traces of the infection.


Escaped convicts from a nearby jail complex – Riker Island – who are now trapped on Manhattan, they view the city as the new Wild West – a playground without rules where they can take anything they want– including revenge on the uniforms that put them in jail.

Last Man Battalion

A private military contractor hired to protect assets during the outbreak but ultimately left behind by their employers, they quickly take the opportunity to control New York City for their own ends.


Enter seamlessly a massive multiplayer area accessible behind the walls of a quarantine zone where the most valuable loot was left behind when the military evacuated. It’s also the most dangerous area in the game, where fear, betrayal, and tension are at their maximum.

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Multiplayer Enabled Area

The Dark Zone is a place of fear and betrayal. Here it’s every agent for themselves and you’ll not only have to worry about enemy factions, you’ll also have to contend with other players – Rogue Agents who may not think twice about taking you down.

Rogue agents

Killing other agents comes at a cost. If you choose to attack other agents while in the Dark Zone, you will be tagged as a Rogue Agent. Your position will appear on the map of all the Agents in the area, and you will become a target for all of them. Choose your actions wisely if you want to survive.


In the Dark Zone you will find some of the best gear in the game, but this loot was contaminated by the virus. To gain access to it, you will have to extract it via helicopter. As soon as your extraction flare has been shot, you will have to survive 90 seconds during which any other player can attempt to kill you and steal your loot.

Legendary loot

The Dark Zone is the very place where the virus started to spread, and it was the first one to be abandoned. A lot of people, including the military, left very valuable loot behind. Even though it’s a dangerous place, some of the best equipment can be found there. High risk, but high reward.