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Community Q&A: November 2013

Division agents,

We want to have an ongoing and open conversation with you; that’s why we regularly take the time to answer to your questions. Here’s a new batch of questions and answers!

Mehrk: "Will there be classes or is it a freeform design?"

As you play the game, you’ll level up and acquire points. You can spend those points to spec yourself as you wish: those choices are totally open, up to each player, and changeable on the fly. Of course, you’ll be able to spec yourself into a general RPG role (becoming more a “tank”, a “healer” or a “DPS” kind of character), but again the choice is yours. This means that communication and teamwork are important to have the best group possible!

Cabbagehead13: "Is there any non-lethal weaponry?"

Yes, there will be non-lethal weaponry available to both enemies and players. Smoke, to block line of sight and create diversions, is a good example.

Marcus (Hype Tank!): "It's been said your goal is to create "the most detailed NYC ever seen" - how are you working to make this possible?"

Having the most detailed NYC is definitely our goal. New York City is so diverse and we want people to feel that when they explore the environment. To create this “true NYC”, we have been putting a lot of effort into gathering meaningful reference, data and any information that will help realize our vision. We film, take pictures, record sound; going so far as to create mathematical models of resonance data based on real locations. This way, when you’re in our game, you will really hear and feel what it’s like to actually be there. Of course, we still have to take into consideration the experience of our gamers to make it as fun as possible; finding the right balance between realism and a compelling game experience.

LordCrash88: "If I want to play solo will it be very hard to survive or will the enemies (AI controlled) be weakened to reflect the party size?"

When you play coop, the enemies will be scaled in different ways to make sure that the challenge level is maintained (not too easy nor too hard). But there will also be special activities/encounter types that will be extra challenging for both groups and solo players (it will be clear to the players that these are harder).

Robin: "Will the shooting/combat system be focused on RPG features like skills, damage, statistics, and critical hits? Or will it be a more traditional skill-based shooter?"

We are an RPG first and foremost. So the emphasis for the game is definitely on skill/talent synergies along with your weapon characteristics. We are a Clancy game, we are also an open-world game but really we’re an RPG first. Gear will be important, levels will be important, modifications to weapons will be important… everything that makes a fantastic RPG will be important to the game.

Foxtrotoso2: "Is there a linear story progression or are we truly out in the world with freedom of gameplay?"

There’s a general storyline but how you unravel it is up to you: the content is emergent. When you’re out in the world there will be stories attached to emergent events, which may lead you in to the greater story. The player’s choice really is at the heart of the game!

Trandalfiz: "Will thirst or hunger come into effect while playing the game?"

It's important for us that it's not a "harsh" survival game. While finding food and water will be important in the game you won't starve or die if you don't come across them. You can read more about this in the latest Intelligence Annex.

Note: If you’re an avid forum user, you might have seen some of those answers already. ;)

See you next time for a new Q&A roundup!

The Division Dev Team

@aemond - Senior Community Developer