Agent Origins

In advance of the record-breaking release of Tom Clancy’s The Division, Ubisoft partnered with Amazon Prime and three talented YouTube creators – Corridor Digital, RocketJump and Devin Supertramp – to deliver a first of its kind live-action short film that brings the heroes, setting and personality of The Division to life for gamers worldwide.

In Tom Clancy’s Agent Origins, New York City teeters on the brink of collapse after being devastated by a pandemic. Four newly activated agents of a secret organization called The Division must leave their old lives behind to prevent the fall of civilization.

The film was written and produced in collaboration with three YouTube creators known not only for their passion for gaming, but also for their talent as film-makers. Ubisoft worked with these creators to provide unprecedented access, tools and collaboration with development teams to faithfully realize the unique gameplay, gadgets and mid-apocalyptic mood of The Division. The result is a truly unique short film made by gamers, for gamers.

Ubisoft brought Agent Origins to a new audience by partnering with Amazon Video to release the film as a 30 minute narrative short with exclusive content. Four shorts were also produced following each individual Agent’s story and were released simultaneously on Corridor Digital, RocketJump, Devin Supertramp, and UbisoftUS YouTube channels. Each short was tailored creatively to match the unique style of content that each participating creator is known for. The shorts could be enjoyed in any order and each linked to the others, inviting viewers to binge the content and share their experience across social media.

The content also directly promoted our BETA trial program and offered viewers exclusive in-game outfits for free when they registered and used the code “Agent Origins” on our website.

Watch the full Video below, on Amazon Prime, or select a YouTube short on the right.