State of the Game: March 16th, 2017

03/16/2017 05:00 PM

Greetings Agents!

Last week’s State of the Game covered the year 1 celebration and a few aspects of what you can expect for Year 2. This week we’re clarifying a few questions the community had about Year 2.

Check out the stream VOD below for to get all the information or for those of you on the move you can listen to it as a podcast!

[05-12-2016] TodayDivider

During the maintenance today we performed the usually duties and deployed a number of fixes.

  • Fixed an issue where players in Last Stand would receive points for healing a player that is out of combat.
  • Fixed an issue where players in Last Stand would receive points for reviving themselves. You should only receive points for reviving other players.
  • Fixed an issue where players in Last Stand would receive points for over-healing.
  • Fixed an issue where reviving another player would stop working if the player who was performing the revive was interrupted by a shock effect.
  • Fixed an issue where reviving would stop working on a player if the revive was completed or cancelled while they were giving up.
  • Fixed an issue where reviving multiple players at once with the First Aid Defibrillator mod or Recovery link would not allow those players to be revived by others if they went down again.
  • Fixed an issue with Last Stand matchmaking that would cause Delta errors if you load slowly into the game.

Last week’s stream was meant to focus on celebrating Year 1, while also reassuring you, the community, that we have content planned for Year 2. To clarify the announcement, there will be two updates. The first one will be released this summer that will include loadouts, feats, and seasons. We will also have another update later on in the year that we aren’t ready to talk about just yet as plans are still being finalized.

Throughout the year we will also have patches so that we can tweak and fix things that need client side implementation, such as bugs and balancing. The first one will be released before the Summer update.

[05-12-2016] LookingForwardDivider

We definitely want to reiterate that we are still fully committed to the game and will continue to support in terms of new additions, bug fixing, and balancing.

Additionally, we will also be hosting another Elite Task Force. We aren’t ready to talk about the exact timing of it just yet, but we are aiming to host it earlier in development so that we can implement as much feedback as possible.

[05-12-2016] HotTopicDivider


Since the release of Last Stand and Update 1.6, we’ve been closely paying attention to conversations surrounding balancing. A few things we are looking at are Stagger, Airburst Seeker Mine, Nimble, and more. We will continue to keep a close eye on them and make adjustments if necessary.

As always, be sure to join us over on the Official Forums or on the community Reddit if you’re looking for a place to discuss all things related to The Division.

Until next time!

The Division Dev Team

SEE YOU AT E3 2018!

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