State of the Game: May 11th, 2017

05/11/2017 05:30 PM

Agents, incoming State of the Game transmission:

Last week on State of the Game we covered the coming changes to backpack capacity and the removal of the Ninja Bike Messenger Bag from the loot pool while we work on revamping the piece’s bonuses.

Today, we discussed ETF Charlie and what lies ahead for The Division. Check out the full broadcast below, or listen on the go with the Podcast Recap.

[05-12-2016] TodayDivider

During the maintenance today we performed the usual duties.

ETF Charlie Agents have all been activated via email, so if you’ve applied to take part, please check your email. Time is a factor so please, respond promptly.

Our recent Dark Zone Experience survey is closing soon! So if you haven’t yet, please answer and have your voices heard.

[05-12-2016] LookingForwardDivider

Update 1.6.1 is coming soon and while we still do not have a date to confirm at this time, we are on track for a May launch. So stay tuned to the usual channels for more news in the coming weeks.

As always, be sure to join us over on the Official Forums or on the community Reddit if you’re looking for a place to discuss all things related to The Division.

Until next time!

The Division Dev Team

SEE YOU AT E3 2018!

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