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Last week was pretty intense for the team with the release of more information about our revolutionary companion app, the PC announcement and the craziness of gamescom. Last but not least, we also hosted an exclusive fan Q&A at our booth and we had our first ever Reddit AMA.

If you missed those Q&As, here is a selection of questions we’ve addressed:

Will the shooting/combat system be focused on RPG features like skills, damage, statistics, and critical hits? Or will it be more a more traditional skill-based shooter?

We are an RPG first and foremost. So the emphasis for the game is definitely on skill/talent synergies along with your weapon characteristics. We are a Clancy game, we are also an open-world game but we’re an RPG first. Gear will be important, levels will be important, modifications to weapons will be important… everything that makes a fantastic RPG will be important to the game.

One reason that really catches my attention about this game is how there are really not supposed to be any classes. Can you tell us more about how that all is going to work?

The reason why we're approaching classes this way for our game is because we want to avoid the classic "class" choice at character creation that you see in most RPGs. Rather than being locked into a class before you understand how to play our game, we want you to define your playstyle "class" through playing the game.

Is there a main story and missions/quests that the player and his/her allies follow or is it free roaming multiplayer with NPCs?

At the heart of the game is exploration and investigation so the main story is extremely important for us. How we want to deliver that story to you guys is a little bit different than what is done in many contemporary RPGs. We really want truly emergent content and story.

So, what that basically means, is your story playing through The Division will possibly be different than my experience while still following the same major story arc for both of us.

Will thirst or hunger come into effect while playing the game?

It's important for us that it's not a "harsh" survival game. While finding food and water will be important in the game you won't starve or die if you don't come across them.

Will the PC version get its own team or are you just going to port from console?

We are approaching the PC version like we're developing the game from the ground up. It will not be a port and making sure the experience is just as compelling for the PC as the next-gen consoles is important for us.

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