1:How do I participate?

To participate you need to either own a copy of Tom Clancy’s The Division on PC or be invited by someone who does. Participation is only available to PC players at this time.

See the Terms & Conditions for further information.

2:How do I refer friends?

As an owner of Tom Clancy’s The Division, you simply log into the referral website www.thedivisiongame.com/agentreferral, and your Ubisoft friends list will be loaded on the right side of the dashboard. Select the friend(s) you wish to invite and click “Invite”. You can only invite friends who do not already own Tom Clancy’s The Division on PC and who have not already been invited by someone else.

3:How many friends can I refer?

There are no limits on referrals; you can invite as many friends to the program as you like.

4:How do I earn rewards?

Friend invitation rewards: You can start to earn invitation rewards when you have invited at least one 1 friend who downloads and plays the trial version of The Division. There is no minimum playtime required on the trial version to count towards an invitation reward level.

Friend conversion rewards: You will receive conversion rewards when you have invited enough friends who qualify to meet a conversion reward level. In order for a friend to count towards a conversion level they must be invited through the Agent Referral Program, then Buy The Division on PC, and play at least 2 hours of the game.

5:How do I receive my rewards?

Referral rewards for inviting friends to play the trial will be available at the in-game rewards vendor at the HQ base.

Conversion rewards for friends you invite who purchase Tom Clancy’s The Division will automatically be credited to your inventory, no in-game action is required.

You will receive an email when rewards have been granted to your account, which should be within 24 hours of a reward level being met.

6:Can I transfer my rewards?

No, you cannot transfer rewards to anyone else.

7:Can I choose a different reward if I already own them?

No, only the rewards outlined for each level will be granted to participants.

8:I invited friends to play and purchase Tom Clancy’s The Division before this program, can I still earn rewards for them?

No, only referrals made through the Tom Clancy’s The Division Referral Program are eligible for rewards; there is no retroactive consideration or granting of awards.

9:Can I earn rewards by referring friends if I was referred by another friend and purchased Tom Clancy’s The Division through this program?

Yes. As long as you own a copy of Tom Clancy’s The Division, you can participate in the rewards program by referring friends, even if you were already in the program as an invited friend.

10:Do my friends have to be Ubisoft friends to invite them?

Yes, your friends must have or create a Ubisoft account and be added to your friends list in order for them to appear on the referral dashboard. You can add friends to your friends list here on the Ubisoft Club.

11:Do my friends have to play the trial version before they purchase Tom Clancy’s The Division in order to be counted as a conversion for reward levels?

No. Once you have invited your friends, any future purchase of Tom Clancy’s The Division will be recorded as a successful referral conversion for you and count towards a reward level whether or not they play the trial version. You and your friends will also receive the Referral rewards if they directly purchase the full game without playing the trial version first.

12:What if my friend invited me and then stops playing Tom Clancy’s The Division, can I still get my active referral reward?

Yes, once you have been invited into the program, any action you take in the future that earns rewards for you will not be affected by the actions of the friend that invited you.