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Community Q&A

“Hej” Clancy fans! (*)

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve introduced you guys to a brand new IP. We’re proud of the reception of the game and, day after day, we’re thrilled to have such incredible fans! We love the websites you’ve created, the wiki you’ve built, your forum discussions, your tweets and your Reddit addiction. We love all of you!

We know that you have tons of questions about the game and we want to have an ongoing and open conversation with you; that’s why we’ll regularly take the time to answer to your questions. Just use your best keyboard and post a message on our forums: Official ComDev Q&A.

You can also regularly check out the Ubisoft Blog; we’ve answered a bunch of your questions already: The Division Community Q&A - Your questions answered.

Of course, you’ll also find information on our official website, so make sure you have it bookmarked! :)

The Division Dev Team

@aemond - Senior Community Developer
(*) “Hej” means Greetings in Swedish