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Community Q&A: revamped!

10/06/2015 05:30 PM

Get ready for a face to face with some of Massive’s developers, because we’re morphing the community Q&A into something a little bit more special!

This month, our devs are answering questions from MarcoStyle, Caleb A. and Tejbz regarding the loot system, character customization and an in depth view of what goes into creating our truly next-gen door-closing animations. And this time, they’re on camera!

Have a look, at this month’s Community Q&A:

I hope you all enjoyed our new Community Q&A format and we’re looking forward to receiving your feedback on this on all the usual channels!

Now it’s up to you to supply us with the burning questions that you want answered! So make sure to send your questions on Twitter using the hashtag #AskTheDivision, find us on Facebook, the Official Forums, /thedivision subreddit and - so we can feature your lovely faces - you’re now able to send your video messages to us on Skype at TheDivisionGame. Please keep your questions to 30 seconds or less, let us know who you are, where you’re from and we’ll do our absolute best to feature your question in the next Q&A.

To finish things up, don’t miss us at E3 where we’ll be doing some Twitch streams including a very special community event where we’ll be doling out the swag, showing off some new and exciting things and answering some more of your questions. A brief rundown of the specifics:

E3 2015: Community Event


Tuesday 16th June at 8:30pm PDT

Lots of love

The Division Dev Team

@natchai – Community Manager