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Community Q&A – August 2015

03/08/2015 11:35 AM

Welcome back to our Community Q&A!

After all the excitement and reveals at this year’s E3, we noticed that you all have a lot of questions regarding the Dark Zone. In fact, we’ve seen so many of them that we decided to dedicate this month’s entire Q&A to the Dark Zone!

We picked some of the most frequently asked questions from all over the Internet. To answer these questions, Hamish received help from Senior Game Designer Matthieu Delisle, Junior Gameplay Programmer Adabelle Combrink, and Online Producer Johan Oldbring.

Can you clear up some details and intricacies about the Rogue status in the Dark Zone?

So basically when players enter the Dark Zone, they’re neutral by default, but as soon as they attack another player, they turn Rogue! Why we do this is because we want the Dark Zone to be a place of cooperation first, but if you attack someone, you get flagged. When you turn Rogue, a bounty is placed on your head and all players can see it. The more you kill, the bigger the bounty. You climb the levels of Rogue status by killing other players, and if you’re a level one Rogue, you’re a Rogue for two minutes. If you kill more players, you’re Rogue for a longer period of time. Every time you kill a player, you refresh the timer and it increases up to five minutes. If you manage to survive Rogue status (which is pretty difficult, because all players want to kill you and can see you on the map periodically), then you receive your own bounty. So you can progress in the Dark Zone by being Rogue, but it’s pretty risky. You lose a big amount of Dark Zone XP when you die as Rogue, and other players receive that Dark Zone XP, so it’s one more incentive when neutral players go after Rogues. If you’re grouped up with someone, there’s no way you can shoot them – there’s no friendly fire enabled. If you want to leave the group and fight your friends, there’s a warning displayed to the whole group for a few seconds before you leave so they have a chance to brace for it and prepare.

@Boomslangg_: First off, is there any instance of PvP action outside the Dark Zone? Also, Dark Zone or Dark Zones? Are there going to be more than one, or is there just one Dark Zone?

No, there is no PvP outside the Dark Zone, just to make that clear. There’s a lot of PvE as well, but yeah, it’s an area where players can enter and help each other out with PvE or end up fighting each other. There is only one Dark Zone…one super-duper mega awesome Dark Zone in the middle of Manhattan! It’s very big. What we saw in the E3 demo was just a small area, a slice of the Dark Zone around Bryant Park.

James Getty: Right now we know that the squad size within The Division is four players. However, what we don’t know is exactly how many players will be able to play together in the Dark Zone. Can you guys shed some light on this?

The demo that some of you have had the chance to play featured a 3 vs. 3 vs. 3 scenario, but in the game, there will be many more players in the Dark Zone and you won’t be locked into a specific group setup. The exact number of players that we will have in the Dark Zone is something that we have to decide, and we have to balance it by means of testing and player feedback received from the beta in December. Will we have more than nine players? Hell yes.

@Skangic: Will we be able to find weapons and gear outside of the Dark Zone?

The answer to that is definitely yes. It’s also worth noting that you can find best-in-slot gear both inside and outside the Dark Zone. While there may be more of the good stuff inside the Dark Zone, you also have the risk of someone having you in their sights, so…you’ve been warned.

@Origamilord: Will you be able to have just your loot be extracted and then go looking for more?

Yes, that’s exactly how it works. The extraction helicopter is only there to pick up your contaminated loot. Afterward, you’re free to fill up that loot bag as many times as you want, or find a way out of the Dark Zone if that’s what you want to do.

@PhilNolanEFC: Where can I sign up to play the beta in the UK?

This doesn’t apply to just those of you in the UK, but you can still sign up by going to


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The Division Dev Team

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@UbiMiisty – Community Manager