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Community Q&A: November 2015

13/11/2015 12:00 AM

Welcome back to our Community Q&A, Agents. This month we’re answering more of your most asked questions from the community. We’ll be hearing from community members and fans including Arekkz, Caleb, and LoriiPops. Do you want to know more about skills, talents, and gun customization? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Hey guys. Alex from Arekkz Gaming here. And my question is, how freely are you able to change skills whilst in the open world? Can I say for example, see that my team needs some backup go into my menu, swap to say a support skill like a healing skill, and then once we’re finished decide to go back to a more offensive setup? Or do I need to plan for this and when I’m back at base, pick my skills before I go out?

So, as you unlock skills, you permanently have access to those skills. As a player you can equip up to 2 skills. They are available on each bumper so you can use them in the middle of combat. However, at any point you can go back through the menu and you can swap out those skills with others. Doing so is not necessarily recommended especially in combat.

Hey Ubisoft Massive team. This is Caleb from the Smart Watch Podcast and I have a question regarding guns in The Division. Is there a way for us to change the way guns look?

So it starts off with the base version of the gun. Most of the weapons that we have in the game come in different versions. And after that you can apply weapon skins to them which changes the overall look and feel by applying a color and a pattern. Next to that, we have the weapon mods (attachments), like muzzles and magazines and those will also change the visual appearance of your gun.

Hi there, my name is Lori. I’m just wondering how many characters you can create.

You can have more than one character in The Division. You can have up to four characters running at the same time. You just have to choose in the start menu which one you want and go with that. It’s pretty cool because you can play with your friends at different levels at different times. So if one of my friends starts playing The Division I can join him. I can create a new character, help him out, I can show him the ropes.

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We'll see you soon.

—The Division Dev Team

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