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2016-01-28[News] Launch is Just the Beginning - thumb

The Division: Prepare for Launch

04/03/2016 03:53 PM

Agents, we’re only a few short days away from the official release of Tom Clancy’s The Division. As the excitement continues to build, we’re here to arm you with the information you’ll need before the game launches. We know that availability times can be a bit confusing, so here’s a detailed breakdown of each platform’s pre-load and activation times.


The game is now playable on all formats.



We've fixed, balanced and tweaked multiple features of the game coming out of the latest Open Beta. Check out our Patch Notes for more info on the most notable changes.


The Ubisoft Australia Facebook page has an FAQ that will be updated with any pressing issues that arise during launch week.


During the testing (alpha, closed beta, and open beta) phases, we were astounded by the support we received. We were able to gather a great deal of feedback, suggestions, and bug reports from the community to pass on to our developers. From this information, the developers were able to improve the game on many fronts and will continue to do so after the game has launched. If you’d like to submit any feedback, suggestions, or bug reports, please visit The Division forums.


The team will be celebrating the launch of the game with more streaming on Twitch! Be sure to stop by our Twitch channel to say “hi” to our community team, developers, and special guests!

Thank you so much for all of your continued support. We hope that you’re ready to take back the city, agents.

New York City awaits your arrival.

The Division Team