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Public Test Server information

23/09/2016 05:00 PM


The Public Test Server will be opening to all PC players on Monday, September 26th.

On the PTS, you will be able to test the current build for Update 1.4 before its official release on the live game, in October. This will be an opportunity for us to gather feedback on the major changes done with this Update and learn of any critical bug that would need fixing before it goes live. Your feedback will be crucial to help us improve the game!

In order to access the PTS, you will need to own a version of The Division on PC. Starting Monday, you will find The Division PTS in your games (“My Games” on Uplay, “Library” on Steam) listed separately from The Division main game.

Since this is considered as a new game, you will need to download the client entirely (about 45Gb). Note that this will not overwrite your existing client as it will be saved under a new folder name on your machine.

Note also that the first days of testing will be focused on progression between World Tiers, and thus your characters will not be transferred from the live server to the PTS. Instead, you will be able to directly create new fresh level 30 characters. Find out more about this week’s testing focus here.

Please give us feedback about your experience on the official PTS forums, available here.

For more information on the PTS, please read our FAQ.

Thank you for your help, agents!

The Division Team