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State of the Game: December 15th, 2016

15/12/2016 05:00 PM

Greetings Agents!

During last week’s State of the Game we discussed some fixes we’re making to the game and announced the formation of a brand new Elite Task Force! This week we are visited by special guests Terry Spier (Creative Director) and Keith Evans (Lead Game Designer) from Red Storm Entertainment to talk about PvP in The Division.

For everything discussed on the stream, check out the VOD below or listen to it as a podcast!

Make sure you don't miss the latest episode of the official The Division podcast, where Hamish interviewed Drew Rechner and Måns Ohlsson about the development of the dreaded Hunter!

[05-12-2016] TodayDivider

There was a maintenance this morning to perform the usual duties and deploy the following fixes.

  • Fixed a bug where any weapon could be used with the Ballistic Shield.
  • Fixed a bug where immediately leaving a Survival session rewarded players with too much Field Proficiency XP.
  • Fixed a bug where the same Named NPC could be killed endlessly.

Yesterday we deployed a patch for the PC client which included the following fixes.

  • Fixed some instances with the Xbox controller not working on PC
  • Addressed some rare cases with the Fullscreen mode not working
  • Some improvements to the audio positioning have been made
  • Improvements to high CPU usage cases on PC
  • Players losing control of their characters for a brief moment
  • DirectX12 is now supported

We’re currently having a free weekend of The Division on PC, which is running until 9pm GMT on Sunday, December 18!

[05-12-2016] LookingForwardDivider

The registration for the new Elite Task Force is now closed. A big thanks to all the people that signed up; we’ll get in touch with the players chosen to be a part of the group in the very near future. We can’t wait to see you in North Carolina next year!

Our second expansion, Survival, will be releasing on Playstation 4 next Tuesday, December 20! You can read more about the expansion in our Intelligence Annex #12: Into the Storm. There will be a patch on the same day that will fix the CE-error some of our players have experienced and add support for the PS4 Pro.

We are continuously updating the Known Issues we have listed on our forums. Make sure you keep an eye on it so you are up to date with all the latest information!

[05-12-2016] HotTopicDivider

Yesterday's ban wave

One of our regular cheating ban waves that took place yesterday mistakenly included some player profiles that were found to be innocent. We have now reverted these bans and removed any mistakenly logged history of cheating from the accounts. We apologize for the inconvenience.

As always, be sure to join us over on the Official Forums or on the community Reddit if you’re looking for a place to discuss all things related to The Division.

Until next time!

The Division Dev Team