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Happy Fourth of July!

03/07/2017 09:00 AM

Agents, In order to celebrate the Fourth of July, we will be organizing some special events and gifts for our agents worldwide! As a gift to all of our players, we will be giving out the special Navy Uniform costume free! You will be able to pick it up at the Premium Vendor in the Terminal during July 4-5. In addition, to help you celebrate with style, the Celebration emote will be available for free, at the same place, between July 4-9. So make sure to visit the vendor and pick up your gifts!


At the same time, we will be running a special Fourth of July sale at the Premium Vendor during the whole week! Make sure to check in every day, as there will be special daily promotions with up to 75% off on selected outfits. That is not all though – we will also be kicking off a special in-game event over the weekend, where you will get double the rewards for daily assignments!


For the people celebrating the Fourth of July out in the real world, we hope you have a great day and that we will see you in Manhattan soon!

/The Division Dev Team