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Intelligence Annex #15: Exploring the West Side

09/01/2017 12:00 PM


We are well into Year 2 for The Division, and we felt it was time to raise the stakes. We have heard the community’s requests for more content since launch, and we’ve been working hard to deliver new experiences to our players. For the first time in The Division, we are expanding the PvE open world in our newest map expansion—West Side Piers—available to everyone for free in Update 1.8.

West Side Piers

West Side Piers is located farther north of Camp Hudson on the western border of Manhattan. Scaled to about the size of two named zones, the map expansion grants players access to previously unexplorable NYC terrain. WSP is large enough to split into two pieces for reference—North and South. Offering players the opportunity to escape the crowded landscape, the NYC skyline is now visible alongside the iconic aircraft carrier—the Intrepid. We hope players appreciate this breath of fresh air as much as we do.

West Side Pier

Camp Clinton

West Side Piers will also come with a new Forward Operations Center. In Update 1.8, the new hub for all things West Side Piers is Camp Clinton. Camp Clinton will feature all things Division Agents will need to prepare for the field—ammunition restock, recalibration stations, weapon/gear vendors, and much more. Without giving away too much, Camp Clinton is the place to set up shop in this update.


Introduced in WSP is the concept of enemy factions working together for the very first time. Allied LMB, Rikers, Cleaners, and Rioters are united on the offensive for unknown reasons. As the player, it is your job to take back the area and uncover the mystery through a series of audio logs. You’ll find dozens that will add to the lore of The Division.

Dynamic Spawn System

A new dynamic AI generator will be integrated into West Side Piers to change the way players experience PVE content. As Agents travel the zone, enemy factions will spawn unexpectedly in proximity to players. This system brings the combat directly to all Agents, and no two play sessions will feel the same.

Side Missions / Assignments

With this new procedural spawning in place for enemies, players have the option of participating in two types of activities in West Side Piers. As the first activity, West Side Piers Side Missions will always offer a specific objective for players to complete in the zone. With one mission active in the North as well as the South, these replayable objectives will keep Agents on the move.

The second option, Assignments, are lighter and more passive activities comparable to the current Daily Combat Assignments. These challenges are timed events and can only be completed within a limited window. While only one Assignment can be active at a time, another will automatically be activated and shown on the HUD after the previous event timer closes.


We’ve heard the call for more open world gameplay, and we can’t wait for players to uncover all that’s waiting for them in the West Side Piers expansion. This is the first of many articles detailing the exciting new content coming with Update 1.8. Stay tuned for future updates and an in-depth look at what’s in store.

/ The Division Dev Team

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