30-08-2017 [News] Update 1

Free Update 1.8: Resistance is coming!

08/30/2017 12:00 PM


Since the events taking place at the end of The Division’s main storyline, we’ve been fighting in the Underground and escaping a snow storm in Survival. We’ve fought Rogue agents in the Dark Zone in Last Stand and taken part in an Outbreak in Update 1.7. But while we’ve been busy, the factions – the Rioters, Cleaners, Rikers and the Last Man Battalion – have not been standing idly by. They have been gathering their forces and in Update 1.8: Resistance, they are returning with a vengeance.

With Update 1.8, we’ll be introducing new, exciting features – for free - to The Division. We’ll discuss them in more detail over the next couple of weeks, and as before we will have a Public Test Server for the update available in the near future. These are some of the things you can expect:

West Side Piers

Update 1.8, we will be expanding the Manhattan map with a brand new playable zone – the West Side Piers. In the middle of this area stands the mighty Intrepid, the famous aircraft carrier. Here the factions have been gathering, and the new zone will introduce a range of new activities for you to take part in.


In the Resistance game mode, you and other agents group up to take on waves of increasingly powerful enemies in an attempt to stem the tide of the now allied factions.


With Update 1.8, we’re also introducing a brand new PvP mode, where you fight other agents in intense 4 versus 4 death match battles. The matches take place in brand new arenas, specifically built for this game mode.

We hope you are as excited for Update 1.8 as we are. We will have much more information about the additions coming in the update soon, but until then – see you in Manhattan!

/The Division development team

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