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State of the Game: September 21st, 2017

09/21/2017 12:00 PM

Agents, incoming State of the Game transmission:

During the last State of the Game, Community Developer Hamish Bode met with Creative Director Terry Spier and Lead Designer Keith Evans from Red Storm Entertainment to preview the new Rogue 2.0 mechanics as well as the new PvE mode, Resistance, coming in Update 1.8.

This week, Senior Design Lead Paul Turland and Designer James Norris from Ubisoft Leamington joined Hamish to discuss the changes coming to Underground in Update 1.8. Terry and Keith from Red Storm Entertainment followed with changes coming with the 1.8 PTS.

If you missed the stream, you check out the VoD below. If you’re currently on the move, we have you covered with our Podcast Recap!

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We are aware that the RPM glitch can be stacked once, and it will not be a bannable offense. Other issues are being investigated post-1.7.1, such as the Skill Power issue with loadouts. We’re monitoring the issue and gathering community reports, so please don’t hesitate to send any irregularities our way.

PC PTS begins tomorrow, September 22! Consoles might be slightly delayed, but we’re still aiming for September 26. We have a limited amount of keys and will be using a signup page, but more news on that will be coming soon.

When the PTS launches, expect the following during week 1:

  • Emphasis will be placed on Skirmish, Rogue 2.0, new Exotics, and new Classifieds (Hunter’s Faith, Predator’s, D3-FNC, FireCrest, Nomad, and Banshee). Resistance will be offline.
  • Alerts in West Side Piers will not be available, but players can still roam the area and engage with dynamically-spawning enemies. Players will have access to the new social hub, Camp Clinton.
  • Tactician and AlphaBridge Classifieds will not have their 5-6p bonuses active.
  • Underground and Survival will be offline. If players visit their locations, an infinite loading queue will ensue. Relogging will fix the issue.
  • A list of known issues will be posted on the forums.

If you missed the changes coming to Underground in 1.8, again be sure to check out the VOD above.

Based on community feedback, Hunters will spawn in UG as random encounter in Hard and Challenging. The number of Hunters is group size + 1, and they will have a chance to drop Exotics.

New Directives are based on experimental technology and offer high risk/high reward gameplay. Electrotech, for example, increases skill-usage but disrupts elements of the UI. As another example, Shock Ammo can be used against enemies but a cap is placed on its usage, shocking players if used excessively.

We are introducing checkpoints into the Underground that will make runs less punishing, and rewards have been tweaked to add Exotics from all Underground bosses. In addition, players now have the opportunity to complete Weekly UG Assignments.

If you missed the notorious Rave Room, don’t forget that it will be back in Update 1.8!

Movement designed to alleviate abusive chicken-dancing went live earlier than expected in 1.7.1. While all of the changes are not available yet, the present alterations to player movement will be available on the 1.8 PTS. We encourage players to provide feedback as we continue to monitor/update movement mechanics. The same goes for new hip-fire changes as well as changes to the Adept talent stacking once with a crit-chance of 7.5%—test away on the PTS Agents!

1.8 PTS will also feature a balancing pass on all existing Exotics, including changes to weapon damage and recoil. Exotic weapon talents have not been changed. Players will find Gear Optimization on the PTS as well, and we have provided max D-Tech so the min-max’ing testing process can get underway.

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Again, PTS for PC begins tomorrow! The invite criteria for consoles is coming soon, but remember that all players who had access to the 1.7 PTS will have access to the 1.8 PTS.

PTS forums will be available tomorrow, so please be sure to provide feedback!


As always, be sure to join us over on the Official Forums or on the community Reddit if you’re looking for a place to discuss all things related to The Division.

Until next time!

The Division Dev Team

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