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Update 1.8: Intel Wrap-Up

09/22/2017 12:00 PM


Update 1.8 is approaching fast, and we’ve shared plenty of new features and game modes coming to The Division. If you missed any of the news, we have all the intel for you right here in this wrap-up.

West Side Piers

West Side Piers is a new PvE map expansion, located on the western coast of Manhattan. It is here that Agents will experience new narrative elements introduced in 1.8, beginning with enemy factions working together for the first time. As Agents explore WSP North and South, a new dynamic spawn system will push various combinations of enemies to Agents directly. Side Missions will offer specific objectives for Agents to complete in the zone while Assignments deliver timed challenges within limited windows. For all restocking/recalibrating/vendor purchasing needs, Camp Clinton serves as the new social hub for all things West Side Piers.


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Team Deathmatch makes its way into The Division in the form of a 4v4 competitive mode without an enemy faction presence. Players will have access to three arenas during these first-to-20-kills match-ups, with emphasis on more gunning/less running. To keep Agents on the same tier, Last Stand normalization as well as skill-based matchmaking will be featured in Skirmish. Last Stand ranking will now combine with Skirmish ranking as one consolidated PvP rank at an increased cap of 99.


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We are implementing new end-game PvE content in Update 1.8 with Resistance. A wave spawner similar to the one in West Side Piers will be used during the activity. Allied units of enemy factions will spawn dynamically and attack in waves as Agents venture further into Resistance. Critical Objectives are urgent challenges that will affect the success of every Resistance run. Agents will need to prioritize these CO’s as failure to complete these challenges will result in an entire team wipe. Wildcards will keep Agents active as modifiers change the way waves are played.

Resistance Header

For more intel on Resistance, click the image above!

Rogue 2.0

Update 1.8 is refining Dark Zone mechanics while still preserving its infamous high risk/high reward environment. Going Rogue will be a voluntary action and will prevent accidental Rogue. If a member of a squad goes Rogue, all players in the squad have the choice to accept or decline.

Manhunts will now have an objective for all players in the DZ to see. This change aims to create more action during Manhunts and make rewards more fulfilling. Both Rogues and non-Rogues on each side on the Manhunt will have the opportunity to receive rewards.

Gear Optimization

Starting in 1.8, players will have additional tools at their disposal to craft the perfect build. Utilizing D-Tech from the DZ as well as from West Side Piers enemies, players can maximize the statistics on every piece of gear available. While the new World Tier 5 range encompasses 256—286 item level, a fully optimized set of Classified gear will push players over the 286 mark.

In addition, a consolidated Gear Score number will be assigned to every piece of gear in The Division. This number combines every stat roll to provide a numerical indication of gear power. We hope that this visual aid guides our newest and most hardcore players alike in their build-tuning.

Public Test Server

Players can expect a PTS for 1.8, and more information for the invite criteria for consoles will be shared soon. As before, the PC PTS will be available to all players. We recommend opting-in to emails from Ubisoft under Account Settings to ensure that you’re eligible to receive email invitations. We encourage all players to test as many of the new features described above as possible to help make 1.8 a solid addition to The Division!

/The Division Dev Team

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