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E3 2015: Wrap-Up

22/07/2015 05:30 PM

E3 may have come and gone, but we’re still buzzing after getting to hang out with the fans and getting to show you guys more of the Dark Zone! These events are always such a huge boost for the team, and your enthusiasm is fueling everyone to work like mad to get Tom Clancy’s The Division out on March 8.

Check out this video filmed on the show floor:

Of course, we thought it’d be nice to finish up our E3 coverage with some warm fuzzies, including the best moments from developers and fans alike!

The Dev Team

Quality Control Manager Florin Andrei Scumpu

The best moment for me was when a team consisting of a father and two sons played the game with such amazing teamwork. It was like they were part of our dev team!

International Product Manager Giulia Palmieri

I remember giving Alexandra Jackson (a big fan), one of my Dev Team uniforms on the last day before closing the booth. She was so happy that she couldn’t stop smiling and thanking me! I will remember her hug every day through launch as it is for this kind of enthusiasm that I wake up every morning and go to work!

Senior Vehicles & Weapons Artist JD Cragg

Near the end of a session, the team I was helping was extracting but only one person had contaminated gear... As he attached the bag to the extraction helicopter, a lone rogue agent charged the guys at the rope! Both players eliminated the rogue about two feet from the rope, and the previous player without loot casually and calmly reached down, grabbed the rogue’s gear, and in one smooth motion, hooked it on the rope and walked off! Lots of groaning and yelling immediately came from the pod down at the other end of the booth.

Game Director - Red Storm Entertainment Terry Spier

A group of us were walking back to the hotel after Sunday’s VIP press event a couple of days before E3. We all had our sweet Tom Clancy’s The Division shirts on, and a dude runs out of some random store that we walked happened to by, and yells, “The Division! The Division! Are you going to finish it? Please finish the game!” We smiled and told him that we will ship it. He hooted and hollered, gave us the double thumbs-up, and ran back into the store with his buddies, all smiles!

Associate Creative Director Julian Gerighty

'Nuff said:

Who's that in the middle?

The Community

Robby (Open World Games)

The best moment from E3 was being able to meet fellow Tom Clancy’s The Division fans in person and making new friends. Being able to squad up with other players and experience the game firsthand was fantastic! Also, it didn’t hurt to wreck the enemy with a triple kill with my seeker mine…

Cortexian (

I can’t choose just one. I’d say the highlight of the event was meeting all of the star players and developers that I’ve talked with online for so many years now, in person!

Jake (

Wow, best moment, that’s tough...not! The best moment was obviously getting to finally play Tom Clancy’s The Division.

David (DB The Division Cosplay)

Probably the most amazing moment was being on the floor at E3 in my cosplay gear, with Yannick controlling the seeker mine while I was controlling the sentry turret drone, and also walking among the crowd, watching their reactions, and taking photos and video.

Caleb (SmartWatch Podcast)

My best moment of E3 was playing Tom Clancy’s The Division with Barry and Matt. It was my third time playing, their first. We took out the Rikers quickly and efficiently, with me leading the way. Then we hit the Dark Zone and another team was extracting. It was then, on my third playthrough, that I realized we could just wait for them to extract and then extract ourselves, and we didn't have to go rogue. I told Barry and Matt about this pacifist option, and Barry just said “Nah, let’s kill ’em!”

James (

When I played the game on the show floor at the booth, one of the devs recognized me with my The Division Blog shirt on and said, “Hey, weren’t you from upstairs?” and I was like, “Yeah, I played the game quite a few times last night.” He put his headset on, and with a fist bump, “We got this.”

Marco (

Playing Tom Clancy’s The Division and closing the famous car door myself for the first time... This was the very first thing I had to try!

Elena (thedivisiondarkzone)

My best moment from E3? When Yannick and Antoine gave me the backpack surprise of Tom Clancy’s The Division with the watch and other things. Before I went to the lobby to meet up for dinner, I slept in a bit, so when I saw those things I thought, “But I’m still dreaming! WTF? It’s impossible!”

We’d like to thank our entire community, the folks who were at E3, and those of you from all the corners of the world that joined us online. Your feedback has been fantastic for the dev team, and we can’t wait to share more of Tom Clancy’s The Division with you really soon!

With love,

The Division Team

@hamishbode – Community Developer