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2015-12-15 [News] Community Intelligence

Unveiling “Community Intelligence”

15/12/2015 12:22 PM

Hello agents!

We are today very excited to introduce The Division’s dedicated community website, “Community Intelligence”. Connecting through Community Intelligence is your first step in joining The Division. Agents are required be ready to act when the crisis hits, on March 8th.

Community Intelligence is a platform we created to enable you to acquire knowledge about The Division, discuss ideas, and share information among the community of sleeper agents:

• Acquire knowledge:
Get the most recent and relevant content, posted and curated directly by the community itself.

• Create or share content:
Post anything you see or want to share about The Division. Other members will be able to rate your content and react freely to your post.

• Get involved:
Make yourself heard and answer direct questions from the dev team at Massive.

• Build your reputation:
Every contribution on Community Intelligence is rewarded by Agent Points, which will allow you to unlock special medals and reach the top of the leaderboard.

• Earn rewards:
For every action you perform on Community Intelligence, you can be rewarded with in-game and real life rewards.

Be part of The Division. Join Community Intelligence on