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2016-01-12[News] Agent Journey Trailer - Thumb

Tom Clancy’s The Division - Agent Journey

12/01/2016 06:59 PM

The world of The Division is brimming with stories just waiting to be told, most of which involve surviving in a New York where an epidemic has devastated the population and left chaos in its wake. To tell some of these stories in advance of The Division’s release on March 8, Ubisoft has partnered with Amazon Prime and three talented YouTube creators – Corridor Digital, RocketJump and Devin Supertramp – to deliver a live-action short film that follows four clandestine Division agents as they’re activated and team up.

The shorts are available now for Amazon Prime Video customers as a free, 31-minute supercut with five minutes of exclusive footage, and you can view each filmmaker’s individual short by checking out their channels (linked above).

North, Central and South America players can visit Agent Intel to login and unlock 4 Free Division Gear Sets inspired by the video series.

Head over to the Ubiblog to read and discuss the full exclusive, or share your comments below!