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Daily #1

Open Beta - Daily Brief #1

18/02/2016 12:23 PM

Greetings, agents!

Today we kick off the open Beta for Xbox One players. We are extremely excited to open up The Division to more people and can’t wait to see what you think. As we approach the release of the game on March 8th your involvement now is more important than ever!

Head over to our discussion section on the forums where we not only want to hear your feedback, but you can also join the conversation with other agents and talk about your experiences! We are constantly reading the great discussions on the forums and love hearing what you guys have to say, so make sure you report in!

Over the course of the beta, our Twitch channel will be live 24/7. During the stream you will find daily shows with the latest news, Let’s Play sessions from some of the devs, and much more. Don’t be shy: jump into the twitch chat, talk directly to some of the devs, and let us know what you think!

We have released a couple pro-tip videos tips straight from the developers to give you some insight into some features that you might not know about which. Below you will find the video that gives you a bit more information on how to customize your UI!

Your Mission

Each day you will be given a special mission to complete during your adventures. A reward will be given to every Agent for the combined effort and the Agent who performs the best will receive a unique reward! Be sure to check these daily briefs for your mission!

Before the events of Black Friday, New York was the height of a living and active city, but in the aftermath it has become a dangerous place. It’s your job to restore order and protect what little life remains.

To start, we have to lift the city back up from the ground level, the people. We’ve received several reports in the wake of the virus that civilians are finding themselves in danger as they struggle to find the necessary supplies they need to stay alive. Getting rid of the threat is not the only way to assist a civilian however. Resources are extremely limited and as basic services have collapsed they will look to you as an authoritative figure for help, so keep your eyes open for them!

Today, your objective is to reach out and help as many civilians as possible. Helping a civilian will not only reward you with a unique token of thanks from that civilian, but you will also receive a gift from us for your combined community efforts. The agent who goes above and beyond and assists the most civilians will receive a special reward, so definitely be on the lookout.

Now it’s time for you to get out there and begin your adventure! Keep your eyes peeled for more information and your mission right back here tomorrow. We hope you have fun – we will be watching! :)