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Daily #2

Open Beta - Daily Brief #2

19/02/2016 12:23 PM

Good day, agents.

We are super excited to welcome PS4 and PC players into the Open Beta today! We hope you have a blast and don’t forget to let us know what you think!

Yesterday you were tasked with assisting as many civilians as possible throughout your adventures in New York. We saw an immense amount of civilians assisted by Agents yesterday as many of you understood their vital role in rebuilding society. As a community you assisted over 2 million civilians and for your efforts everyone will receive a pack of 3 water bottles, 3 sodas, 3 energy bars and 3 canned food to use for your future adventures. One Agent went above and beyond and will therefor receive a special reward. sweatyjew102 helped 31 civilians civilians alone! Some agents however required a bit off assistance themselves and couldn’t spare extra resources for civilians. OriginalModsy used 171 med-kits on themselves in the first day alone!

The feedback we have received over the last day has been amazing, so be sure to keep it coming! Your great insight and ideas continue to help us improve as we make this final push before launch. Jump onto the discussion section of the forums and continue the great conversations!

In all the great discussions you’ve had there are a few specific subjects we want to pick your brain about. We’ll be adding a few polls every day and are looking to your feedback on a few. We’ll be expecting your reports in the following polls:

Today’s pro-tip features more information on matchmaking from the mega map. Check it out below!

Your Mission

Now that you’ve helped the civilians, it’s time to go on the offensive! Throughout the city you will find a special breed of adversary who think the answer to all problems is fire. These blue-collar workers are under the impression that there is only one way to cleanse the world of the virus and now roam the streets as the dangerous Cleaners. We have received a number of reports that they are holding JTF soldiers and civilians hostage, taking over the subway area, and controlling areas within the Dark Zones. Now is when we fight back.

Your mission today is to take out as many Cleaners as possible. Use the rewards you received from yesterday, we’re ask for you as a community to do your own cleanse New York of as many Cleaners as you can. This will unlock a reward for every agent, and the agent who kills the most Cleaners will receive a special reward for exceptional performance. Be sure to be on the lookout and be sure to avoid the fire!

After just one day we’ve already seen a lot of content created by our awesome community members, here’s a few of them!

Our stream is still live over on our Twitch channel. Come stop by and join us in chat!

Thanks for all your activity in game, on the forums, and on Twitch! Keep coming back because we love hearing from you guys. Tune in here again tomorrow for some more information and your new mission!