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Daily #3

Open Beta - Daily Brief #3

20/02/2016 09:00 AM

Hello agents,

We are immensely excited to have everyone active on the beta. Yesterday was amazing, and we had a blast reading through all your comments. We’re learning a lot! Make sure you keep them coming and continue to have fun!

Following the heated battles yesterday, you have now experienced the dangers of the Cleaners firsthand. Understanding the clear threat the Cleaners pose, you took down 275 million Cleaners without hesitation. As a reward, every agent has received a fire kit that is filled with 3x Incendiary Bullet, 3x Explosive bullet, 3x Frag grenades to assist you with your future encounters. Your effort has resulted in safer environments for the civilians and your fellow agents. There was one agent who took it upon themselves and had a personal vendetta against the Cleaners. sK Hazardz killed 336 Cleaners and will receive a unique reward for the extraordinary effort. It’s risky business getting in the face of a Cleaner; however, some agents love the thrill – or they just like to play with fire. Hype x Sanity managed to take out 72 of Cleaners using only a shotgun!

We continue to receive awesome feedback and ideas from you all, so keep it coming. Head over to the discussion section of the forums, and let us know what you think!

Similar to yesterday, the feedback we got through the polls was extremely interesting and fun to see! We are doing the same thing today with a few other topics, so please respond in the topics below.

Today’s pro-tip video covers the intricacies of the consumable wheels and how you can gain quick advantages against your opponents. Be sure to check out the video below!

Your Mission

As the Cleaner numbers have started to thin out, it’s crucial that we take the fight to those who are in charge. The Dark Zone is the most hostile area of New York, and only the well-trained agents will survive. Several reports have come in that multiple Cleaner leaders are present and active within the Dark Zone. They have been spotted around landmarks but can also be present elsewhere: it’s key that you are highly perceptive and aware of your surroundings. In order to further our efforts to regain control, it’s imperative that they are dealt with quickly. Expect a tougher fight with multiple enemies as they’ve been seen to travel in groups of various sizes. Make sure you are restocked and prepared!

The mission today is as follows: kill as many of the named elite Cleaners in the Dark Zone as you can. Utilize the fire kit you received today to pack that extra punch and deal a large blow to the Cleaner operations. Your group efforts will award each agent with a gift, and the agent who kills the most elite Cleaners will receive a special reward. Get out there and take them down!

We’ve had a lot of awesome content creators over the past few days who we’d like to highlight. Check them out below!

We continue to see some amazing content from our community members that we have a blast checking out. Below you will find some of them!

As always, we’re still going strong over on our Twitch channel. Come hang out in chat!

Continue being awesome and keep throwing feedback and suggestions at us! We’re super happy to see that you guys are having a blast so keep it up. Come back tomorrow for some more information and your final beta mission!