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Daily #4

Open Beta - Daily Brief #4

21/02/2016 09:00 AM

Greetings, agents.

As we enter the final day of the beta, you all continue to amaze us with your awesome content and feedback. We see all of it, and the passion everyone has for our game never ceases to amaze us. Keep it up, and we look forward to seeing what happens today!

After dispatching several of the Cleaner leaders, it’s time to use this brief window to better equip yourself. With the Cleaners in disarray after you collectively took out 11.8 million of their leaders, we have an opportunity to head into the Dark Zone and claim some highly valuable equipment. As a reward for reaching yesterday’s goal, every agent now has multiple Dark Zone keys that can be used to access locked crates throughout the area. One agent, josechutorechu, took it upon themselves to see the Cleaner’s organization dismantled and took out 82 of their leaders. As a reward, this agent will receive a unique reward for the outstanding effort. Not everyone was successful while extracting, however. Some ran into issues with NPCs or other agents who were overcome by the possibilities of looting that precious contaminated loot bag. alfabale11 was unfortunate enough to meet his end 10 times while trying to extract loot.

Over the past few days we have been bombarded with your suggestions and feedback, and we can’t express how awesome it is to have such an engaging community! That being said, it’s still not over: if you have any more ideas and feedback head to the discussion section of the forums and let us know!

We have some new polls for you today focusing on a few other topics. Check them out below!

The final pro-tip video we have for you is all about the Dark Zone currency. Check out the video below to find out how to bolster your inventory that extra bit!

Your Mission

Even the most well-trained Agents need high-grade equipment to survive. Thanks to the combined efforts yesterday the Cleaner should think twice before attacking a Division Agent. Seize the opportunity and go straight into the Dark Zone to recover as much equipment as possible. We’ve received Intel that hostiles are using equipment left behind by the military to their advantage. Approach cautiously as they are more powerful than your basic street thug. It’s imperative that we take back this equipment so that we can use it for our own operations. With the Dark Zone keys you received today, collect as much gear as you can, but remember that anything you collect within the Dark Zone is contaminated and will need to be extracted.

Your final mission is to extract as much loot as possible. Find the best loot you can, safely extract it at one of the extraction areas. However, remember that the idea of more equipment may turn other agents against you, so always watch your back.

With all the awesome videos you guys have produced, there are a few that caught our eye. You can find them below!

We can’t get enough of the awesome content that is being created! Check out a couple of them below!

Unfortunately tomorrow is the final day of the Open Beta and as a reminder the servers will be going offline at 1pm CET/7am EST/4am PST on Monday Feb 22nd.

Some of the awesome devs are still streaming over on our Twitch channel so stop by and say hi!

We continue to be overwhelmed by the support and feedback we have received, which made the past few days amazing. Keep being awesome, and keep your eyes peeled for more information!