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Open Beta - Daily Brief #5

22/02/2016 09:00 AM

Hello Agents!

Yesterday you were all hard at work extracting every piece of loot you could find in the Dark Zone! This is no easy task when there the dangers of the Dark Zone enemies and Rogue Agents lurk in the background. Your collective effort resulted in a total of 17 million extractions completed, meaning we have some much better equipped Agents out there for the battle ahead!

Over the past few days we have seen a crazy amount of amazing content be made and we can’t express how awesome it is to see all of it! Below you will find a selection of a few!



As we wind down the beta on this final day, we can’t help but feel a tiny bit sad, but at the same time we are extremely excited to get the final game into your hands very soon!

Thanks for being awesome the last few days and we will rendezvous with you on the 8th of March!