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2016-02-24 [News] Collapse

Start The Collapse, The End Of Society Simulator

23/02/2016 09:00 AM

Our world is a house of cards. One small tremor, and everything could fall apart in a matter of days. It could start from anywhere. It could start from your city. It could start with you.


Collapse is a realistic simulator based on real data that shows how quickly a weaponized virus could spread, leading to the end of society, as depicted in the story of The Division.

You are patient zero of this highly infectious virus and your choices will have consequences on the spread of the pandemic. Collapse is a powerful reminder of the fragility and complexity of our interdependent systems on which we rely daily – power, transport, communications, banking and hospitals. When one of them collapses, the other ones fail in a matter of days.

Collapse is now available on