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2016-03-18 [News] The Division - Legendary Agents

Legendary Agents – Chaos 3SK

18/03/2016 02:32 PM

The Division, like all other elite units in the world, has its legends. A few Agents that go beyond their call of duty, and prove that it’s always possible to push the boundaries and become a true Legend.

You probably were wondering what the maximum Level and Dark Zone Rank were in The Division. Well, one of you was the first to find out: Chaos 3SK.

After playing for 130 hours, he now holds bragging rights to being the first player in the world to reach max level and max dark zone rank, just a week after the game came out.

Huge shout out to him for this unbelievable performance!

Just so you know, he started playing 41 seconds after we officially opened the game servers…!

PS: Don’t worry Chaos 3SK, we’ve got a lot more content coming your way all year long.