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Intelligence Annex #9: A New Challenge Arises

07/04/2016 11:46 AM

Greetings, Agents!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a chance to sit down and talk The Division with you. Last time we took a look at how to build a better Agent and now, after spending the last few weeks traversing New York, finding the best equipment, and taking down enemies, it’s time to look at what we’re bringing to help make your Agent even stronger.

Our next big update will bring a new and exciting feature that will put your team’s coordination and strategy to the test. The introduction of the first Incursion “Falcon Lost” will do just this. To get all the latest and greatest we pulled aside Game Director Petter Mannerfelt from Massive Entertainment and Creative Director Mathieu Granjon from Ubisoft Annecy, the lead creators of the Incursion. With topics like design, future plans, and how they add to the development of the world and your Agent, we are bound to score some juicy details. Pull up a chair and let’s dive right in!

What are we getting ourselves into?

For the past weeks many of you have been hard at work taking down missions on Challenge mode. Incursions bring a new level of difficulty for you to work through and are the hardest missions you can take part in, each one pushing you to new limits. Before jumping in though you must be at max level and meet the minimum gear requirement. You can find out more about gear score in our latest podcast so check it out below! Petter describes Incursions as “challenging group encounters built for four players that require your group to not only have good gear and skills, but also very good communication and coordination to complete”. Your preparation before taking on the Incursion is just as important as what happens during it. Grab some of your most powerful friends and make sure you have a good spread of roles and skills to take on the objectives you will face. There are two difficulties available, Hard and Challenge. They will push the boundaries of difficulty and Challenge mode can only be started after completing Hard mode. Prepare yourself in every way you can think of, the enemies you encounter will come at you with their full unrelenting force!


What does this all mean for your Agent’s progress? “Each new Incursion will be more challenging than the previous one and will introduce new high-end gear and weapons that will help you create a more powerful Agent” says Petter. Parts of the gear sets are obtained by completing the Incursion and the rest through other activities. Each one has unique bonuses that are tailored towards various playstyles andunlock after obtaining a number of parts in the same set. Additionally every time you defeat the Incursion, high-end weapons, gear, mods, and crafting materials will drop. Once a week you will also have a guaranteed high-end or gear set reward after completing the Incursion. These drops and rewards are directly related to the difficulty mode you complete so if you want the best loot be prepared for a challenge!

Work together to complete objectives, use this new power to take on present challenges, and become an even more formidable force. As you get more powerful so do those who want to do harm to you. Always bring your A-game and be prepared for a fight where ever you are!

A bright future full of dangers

The future is exciting and filled with new Incursions that will be included in future updates, each one testing your Agent’s resolve. Each will bring a new storyline to the game that have been formed as a direct result of your actions during the main missions. Creating a unique story and feel to each of them starts with choosing the location. Petter explained that “Each Incursion is centered around iconic locations that create exciting and challenging gameplay. You will see a variety of areas ranging from underground facilities to outdoor rooftops”. In the first Incursion “we are tasked with assisting a JTF patrol that has stumbled upon an underground LMB facility” said Mathieu. With many more Incursions on the horizon we were teased with a small tidbit of information for the second one. What we know is that it will take place around the iconic Columbus circle! Be prepared to deal with a completely new setting and enemies that have acquired some powerful and dangerous equipment.


With that we will leave you with a tip for the Incursion from Petter and Mathieu on how to best approach them!

“Play together and stay together, this is definitely the best strategy. Always think twice if something looks risky, because it usually is!” –Mathieu –Mathieu

“Incursions are difficult and not only is a team required but it’s also very much needed for the task at hand! Make sure you and your squad learn how all the mechanics work, use strong tactics, and coordinate with each other to complete it. Good luck agents!” – Petter –Petter

If you want more information on how max level character progression works check out the latest podcast!

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Until next time!

—The Division Dev Team