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Update 1

Update 1.7: Global Events

09/06/2017 12:00 PM

Global Events, previously referenced by their working title of Seasons, are designed to give a jolt to the open world of The Division by offering a new way to experience post-Green Poison NYC. These events take place in the PvE world at the end game level of play.

It is important to note something here:

Everything you’ll see and read here is still very much a work in progress, pending a successful PTS round. Please keep this in mind, and provide any feedback you have via our official forums.

Global Mod Asset

Modifiers and More

These Global Modifiers also will be linked to events and stories that are happening in New York, providing an extra layer of lore to the player.

Aside from the global modifier, separate custom modifiers are available to tailor the Global Event experience to your liking. These custom modifiers are available only on a special Global Event Playlist that will contain not only main missions, but also Incursions!

Choose from a set of Activity Modifiers to put your own preferred twist on the Global Event or a set of Group Modifiers to test your squad’s teamwork and cooperation. There are some quick distinctions to be made between the three major types of modifiers in the Global Events.

Global Mod Mission Detail

Tokens, Caches, Cosmetics, and More!

Tokens can be earned across all Global Event activity sessions, both player modified and unmodified. These tokens can be used in our new Global Event vendor to purchase sealed caches containing some new elements to The Division world. Unique Vanity items will be created to reward players during these Global Events, and we’ll have more news on the various other new rewards in the coming weeks.

Global Mod Detail

Global Modifiers

The Global Modifiers, or the event itself, are always going to be a positive modifier that is specifically designed to assist the player in the game world. These can be an aid to the player as well as a source of new experiences, and should help any players struggling with a specific piece of content not only complete it, but complete it in a new and interesting way.

Group Modifiers

And finally, Group Modifiers. These specific modifiers are the next step in the evolution of the Activity Modifier. They retain the positive element of the Global Modifier, the extra challenge of the Activity modifier, and add an extra layer of group required tactics to the mix. These will require some coordination and teamwork, but the benefit is BIG.

Activity Modifiers

Activity Modifiers on the other hand are not only positive to the agent, they also add a slight challenge on top to push the player to a new height. Think of them as something that will work in tandem with a Global modifier to bring you the same bonus, but at a slight cost.

Activity Mod Detail

Similar to how Underground Directives work, these modifiers, as well as the World Tier you’re playing within will earn you more Tokens.

Tokens Detail 2

Currently, Global Events are planned to run once a month, for one full week. The team will be using the time between Global Events to run more of our Double Reward style weekend events to create a full calendar of activities for the faithful agents of The Division.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks that will highlight our new cosmetic items, gear, and more!

/The Division Dev Team