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05-12-2017 [News] Update 1

Update 1.8 is Available Now!

05/12/2017 12:00 PM

Update 1.8 is now live across PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Update your client and join us in the many new activities and features added to The Division, for free:


Enemy factions have combined forces, and they are coming for Division Agents in Resistance. As a new PVE mode, waves of factions are working together to cut down SHD once and for all. Players can build fortifications, unlock sealed doorways, and open Classified crates in any of our three explorable arenas.


Skirmish is the new 4v4 TDM PVP mode. Designed with a less running/more gunning mindset, players will find shorter games, smaller maps, and closer engagements in one package. Playing Skirmish will also level up Last Stand Ranking, now renamed PVP Ranking for 1.8.

West Side Pier

West Side Pier acts as a map expansion, pushing players into the left-hand side of Manhattan. Players can farm Division Tech here, as well as accept Alerts/Assignment missions. A new social hub—Camp Clinton—will provide Agents everything they need to stock up in the new zone.

Revamped Underground

1.8’s Underground is better than ever before. Players will find new Directives that add a sense of risk vs. reward to missions. Checkpoints have also been introduced, and players are definitely going to need them. For the first time in The Division, Hunters will appear as a random encounter in the Underground and have a chance to drop Classified Gear.

Gear Optimization

Players have the opportunity to maximize the rolls on their weapons and gear using Division Tech at the Optimization Station. This new system, combined with a new ‘power’ level assigned to gear, will allow players to push farther into PVE content.

Rogue 2.0

Introduced in 1.8 is a voluntary Rogue Toggle that will change the pace of the Dark Zone. In order to go Rogue, Agents will have to hold down a key/button to flag themselves, and then proceed with their PVP business. Rewards on both sides of PVP Manhunts have also been increased.

Exotic Weapons

Four new exotic weapons are available in 1.8. The first is the ‘Big Alejandro’—a powerful LMG capable of mowing down targets with a high RPM when firing from cover. ‘The House’ SMG keeps Agents on their toes as one fluctuating half of its magazine grants bonus damage. The ‘Devil’ and ‘Heel’ marksman rifles are deigned to be used as a pair. When both are equipped, Agents get the benefits of both simultaneously.

There is even more available in our largest free update to The Division. For more information, please visit the Update 1.8 home page.