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Community Wrap-Up: October 2015

20/10/2015 04:47 PM

We’ve had an amazing summer, and as we shift into fall and inch closer and closer to letting you play the game in the betas, we can’t help but feel excited about all the amazing things you, as a community, have already shown us! So here’s a quick recap of what you might’ve missed while waiting in line to play the demo at one of the conventions.

Fan Art

First, it’s a bittersweet “see you later” for our friend Jakub Cervenka. His latest piece depicts Tom Clancy's The Division at gamescom. For a quick look into his process, look no further. Best wishes for your school year, and we hope you get some time to squeeze in some gameplay!


Next up, Lucas Hurtado made a beautiful scene with some really creepy-looking trees... like they’re wandering into a New York City version of the black forest.


If you attended EGX this year and hung around the Tom Clancy's The Division booth, it’s very likely you ran into CreedCosplay. Be sure to check out his work!


The fact that we had to double check if this was an actual human or figurine multiple times means it’s awesome. Props to José A. Santamaria for making this shot look as amazing as it does!


Fan Wallpapers

In case the selection of official wallpapers wasn’t enough for you, we have a selection of fan-created wallpapers!

ValencyGraphics created this first one, depicting a skyline in ruins, bleek, yet bright.


This second one comes from Blackbeast and is excellent for dual-monitor setups!



Boomslangg is going to be one of those people to look for in the Dark Zone... In September, he kicked off Rogue Agent Radio which is a podcast that delves deeper into all things Tom Clancy's The Division. Definitely worth your time! We’ve embedded the first episode, so you can get up to speed.

That’s it for this month’s Community Wrap-Up. As always, send us all ALL OF YOUR THINGS! We’re always excited and humbled by the talent that hides in our community and want to display as much as we can! Of course, a big thank-you to our supportive fans, as well! If you’ve created something that you’d like us to see, be sure to tweet us with the hashtag #CommunityLove and you could be featured in our next Community Wrap-up!

On behalf of the entire dev team, thanks, and much love!

The Division Dev Team <3

@yannickbch – Community Developer

@natchai_ – Community Manager