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The Division Podcast: Episode 6 - 'The Agent’s Journey'

27/10/2015 09:43 AM

Time to get some more information on the character progression and customization in our latest The Division: Podcast. Hamish sat down with Senior Character Artist, Emil Mujanovic and Game Designer, Drew Rechner to pick their collective brains; highlighting the way that you’ll experience our game through the lens of your Agent.


Do you want to know just how deep the customization goes? How will my character look when I’ve reached the end-game? Or what it is that gets these developers so hyped about working on The Division? Grab a cup of tea, hit that play button and listen up. There’s much to be learnt. Don’t worry, there’s no test at the end, we promise.

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@hamishbode – Community Developer

@natchai_ – Community Manager