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Intelligence Annex #14: Stolen Signal

17/02/2017 05:00 PM


As a part of Expansion III: Last Stand, a new Incursion is coming to The Division! Called Stolen Signal, it is more mechanically heavy than previous Incursions and it will push you to think strategically and to use all of your available abilities in order to get through it.


Stolen Signal takes place in a civil TV broadcasting center, which the JTF requisitioned in order to get their emergency broadcasts out to the civilian population. Unfortunately, the Rikers soon moved in, kicked the JTF out and took hostages. It is now up to the SHD to retake control and save the JTF operatives from their captors in the process.

The broadcasting center consists of three separate wings – each with its own individual theme – that you can complete in any order. Each wing will challenge you and your group with unique mechanics, bosses and hostage situations and completing all three unlocks access to Stolen Signal’s final boss wing. Each wing will also reward you with some good loot.

In order to beat the Incursion, you will have to consider your group composition, plan ahead and be aware of your surroundings. Different situations might demand that you or your group use skills you do not normally use. The environment might turn on you. Stay flexible. Stay vigilant.


We hope you will enjoy the new challenge that Stolen Signal offers. Save those hostages and get that broadcasting center back in our hands!

Expansion III: Last Stand includes Stolen Signal and the Last Stand game mode and will be available for purchase on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One in the near future.

/The Division Dev Team