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Intelligence Annex #16: Introducing Skirmish

09/08/2017 12:00 PM


We recognize that PvP is a huge part of The Division, and it’s time to expand on the offering. New to Update 1.8 PvP is Skirmish—a 4v4 Team Deathmatch mode without enemy faction interference or objectives.

Team Deathmatch

The game mode itself is simple—TDM with the first team to reach a total number-of-kills taking the match. Short time limits will be implemented to keep matches fast-paced, and Last Stand PvP normalization applies to keep Agents at the same tier in Skirmish. While all equipped gear statistics are max’ed to full power here, Agents will have to rely on their build-tuning to dominate the competition.

Players who wish to participate in the new PvP mode can access Skirmish from the new Camp Clinton social space as well as the Last Stand Hub within the Terminal. The option to queue into Skirmish from the mega-map is also available.


Skirmish will feature three PvP-focused maps within West Side Piers. While we can’t reveal too much just yet, these arenas offer a variety of options in terms of lanes, cover, and overall flow. This promotes build diversity and encourages a variety of playstyles that Agents will need to win as a team. Our goal was to deliver an experience that keeps players in the action, and we’re confident that players will find excitement behind every corner.


Skirmish utilizes a dynamic wave spawner to push squadmates into the action together. Agents who respawn within seconds of one another will re-enter the match simultaneously to promote balanced firefights. For the Agents who worry about spawn camping, fear not. Skirmish also employs spawn swapping based on enemy team proximity.


At its core, Skirmish creates an opportunity for players to face off in arenas without AI complicating their engagements. Nothing will come between players who desire a focused PvP experience. Remember that Update 1.8 has even more content on the way! We’ll have more information rolling out in the near-future.

/ The Division Dev Team

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