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Intelligence Annex #17: Against the Resistance

09/15/2017 12:00 PM


The PvE content doesn’t stop with the addition of West Side Piers. Resistance is our newest 4-player horde-mode activity, and it’s coming in Update 1.8 for free.

If you missed this week’s State of the Game, Creative Director Terry Spier and Lead Designer Keith Evans from Red Storm Entertainment provided an exclusive first-look at Resistance. Check out the VOD below for the full demonstration.

Faction Unity

In Resistance, the enemy factions have rallied themselves against a common goal—the Agents of the Division. In this mode, all players have a massive target painted on their back. Rioters, Rikers, LMB, and Cleaners are hunting together, and they’re more than prepared to let the bullets fly.

Against the Odds

We wanted to ensure that players felt a real threat when playing PvE content. In Resistance, Agents will be outgunned and outnumbered. A dynamic wave spawner similar to the one available in West Side Piers will be utilized during the activity. As players explore the Resistance spaces, enemy factions will spawn dynamically around their location and engage.

Difficulty will directly correlate to wave number. The deeper players venture into Resistance, the more challenging waves will become. Players will face all versions and incarnations of enemy factions to eventually enter Endless Mode. At this point in the activity, the difficulty ramps up exponentially.


Resistance will feature three arenas. The first will bring shipping containers, barges, and construction equipment straight to the players. The second will pit players deep within dark sewer systems and close-knit tunnels. The third will offer fast-paced combat aboard the inner sanctions of a monumental NYC aircraft carrier. Each arena will introduce a unique style of play to the table, and we are excited for players to choose their favorites!

Agents can fast travel to any of the three arenas from the mega-map once their locations are visited within West Side Piers.

Wildcards/Critical Objectives

In addition to hordes of factions, we are introducing additional modifiers to Resistance to keep things interesting. On the one hand, Critical Objectives are urgent alerts that appear on random waves. Inability to complete these challenges will result in an immediate mission failure. On the other hand, Wildcard Objectives will require adaptation as they are thrown to players while progressing through the mode. The goal is to keep players active, alert, and mobile.

SHD Tech

While fighting through Resistance, players will find familiar fortifications available for assistance. Players will utilize SHD Tech from defeated enemies to build/upgrade/repair turrets and pulse stations. We are also introducing healing stations into the mix. When in need of ammo, medkits, and grenades, players can spend their SHD Tech for a quick restock.


With the addition of West Side Piers, Skirmish, and Resistance, Update 1.8 is aiming to deliver community-driven content. There are still more things to discover in 1.8, and we’re excited for the future. Stay tuned Agents!

/ The Division Dev Team

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