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Agent Highlights: October 2017

10/31/2017 12:00 PM

Greetings, Agents!

You certainly don’t make it easy for us. More than any other month so far, we had to think so long and hard about which of your creations to include, and that involved making some really tough decisions. That just goes to show the level of The Division’s community-created content. But if we’re being honest, that’s a nice problem to have.

We are at the end of the public test of Update 1.8, which will soon be ready to go. In the meantime, you’ve been hard at work as always. In this article, we’d like to show off some of the very best work that has come out of the community in the last month.

We will be rewarding our featured agents with 1000 Phoenix Credits in-game as a token of our appreciation.

With all of the formalities out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff!


This month we had not one, not two, but THREE images tweeted to us from the heart of New York City. We want to give a shout-out to each of them – great minds do indeed think alike.

The first agent to get in touch with us was Luis Correia from São Paulo, Brazil. Luis thought he would stop by the Base of Operations while visiting New York.


Obviously Luis was off-duty while in New York, but we do like that he snuck a hint of orange into his outfit.

Not too long after, we get this from Rob (@BEEBSTEEN):


Rob went to the BoO dressed for the occasion, kitted out in the full Division gear that earned him a spot on last month’s Community Favourites poll. He went a step further with this picture, and we love him for it!

Luis and Rob missed each other in Pennsylvania Plaza by just three days.

And finally, we were sent this stunning view by Damian (Damo_kb8) with the caption “Let’s Take back New York”.


Damian, New York looks to be all yours already.

We love to these images straight out of the Big Apple. If you’re ever there, do not hesitate to let us know about it!


For this month’s Fan Creation, we have to show some love for a series that has been going on for a while now. It’s about time we highlighted #DivisionShots, which comes from the fantastically dedicated Baundiesel.

Agent Baundiesel has regularly been compiling his favourite in-game screenshots under this hashtag, and the results have been really astonishing. We could honestly create an entire article dedicated to his shots, but here is just one to whet your appetite:


See more of Baundiesel’s Division Shots on flickr. Excellent work, Agent!


Here is a piece of fan art that blew us away, courtesy of Mohammad Qureshi in Toronto, Canada.


We’re not sure we have the words to describe just how brilliant this piece is. But do we need to? The image pretty much speaks for itself.

We took this image from Mohammad’s Artstation portfolio, but you can also find him on Instagram. His work includes marvellous art inspired by a range of video games beyond The Division.


Earlier this month, @WildMax10 asked:


Why yes, Max, it is possible! And here it is, one of the most unique creations we have seen since The Division launched. @JTF_Tweets is a Twitter account created exclusively for JTF Officer Morgan, a character that @WildMax10 has been developing since May this year. He has done so with a series of tweets chronicling Morgan’s life in outbreak-era New York. There are screenshots and stories galore on Morgan’s account, but we chuckled when we saw one of his latest tweets:


Keep it going Max! This is one of our favourite TCTD creations out there!

We end this month’s article with an update on #AgentActivated. Creator @Agent_Mab has collected pretty much every contribution she could find and put them in a nice Twitter Moments feature. You can find that compilation here.

It goes without saying that we will continue to follow #AgentActivated’s progress, as it has already been a rich source of TCTD fan content.

Tell us, Agents: do you have even more? More cosplay, more art, more screenshots? You’ve surprised us with fascinating new ideas more than once already, but we wonder if you might have even more unique creations up your sleeve. We can’t wait to find out!

ATTENTION: Agents, please follow @TheDivisionGame on Twitter so we can get in touch with you for the rewards.

Thank you from all of us!

Until next time,

The Division Community Team

SEE YOU AT E3 2018!

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