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Save the Date - Update 1.8.1

03/29/2018 12:00 PM


We are happy to announce that Update 1.8.1 is launching across PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on April 12th! Players can expect two new Legendary mission modes for Amherst’s Apartment and Grand Central Station alongside the following Xbox One X patch enhancements:

  • 4K rendering
  • Higher anisotropy
  • Improved reflections
  • Improved object detail
  • Improved screen-space shadows

Two brand new Global Events are coming to The Division: Blackout in April and Onslaught in May.

  • Global Event Blackout—Agents are equipped with Shock Ammo that stuns enemies. Shooting or running builds your charge meter. The more charge, the more damage you inflict.
  • Global Event Onslaught—Agents deal burn, bleed, and gas effects to enemies in addition to normal damage. Reloading changes the effect.

In addition, the new Classified acquisition changes will be live with 1.8.1. Here is a short recap for everyone who missed the news. Players can refer to the 1.8.1 Patch Notes soon for a full list of changes.

  • Vendor Changes
    • Added a Classified Gear cache to the Special Vendor that guarantees 1 Classified Gear piece from the entire pool.
  • Global Events Vendor
    • Removed the basic cache from the vendor.
    • Each Global Event will now have individual caches per Classified Gear set for that Global Event. This allows the player to purchase, for example, a Fire Crest cache that guarantees one item from that set.
  • Exotic Loot drops
    • Removed Premium Vendor Exotics from Open World loot pool and Exotic Caches.
    • All Exotics added to the Open World Bosses.
  • Classified Gear Drop Rates
    • Classified Drop Rates chances have been increased in all locations.
    • Legendary Missions now have a 20% chance to give Classified Gear as a reward at the completion of the mission.
    • Season Pass Supply Drops now have a 10% chance to drop Classified Gear.
    • Survival Caches now have a roughly 10% chance to drop Classified Gear.

Head over to the Official Forums to engage in the conversations and leave us some feedback. We will see everyone on the streets of New York!

/The Division Dev Team

SEE YOU AT E3 2018!

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