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Update 1.7: Intel Wrap-Up

07/03/2017 11:00 AM

Agents, we have a complete recap of all the intel leading into Update 1.7, right here!

First things first, let’s cover what we’ve discussed previously, Global Events, Tokens, Commendations, Patches, and Classified Gear.

Global Events

Global Events are week long sessions full of fun and challenging modifiers to your traditional game play experience. Created with the idea of changing the way you play The Division, Global Events open up a whole new type of experience, complete with new items being introduced in Classified Gear sets. These events take place over the course of one week and feature a brand new currency, Tokens, as a reward that can be spent on items such as Classified Caches. Players can choose to stockpile their Tokens and buy the highest priced Classified Caches, or spend less on the cache itself and gamble on the lower Classified drop chance in the less expensive caches.

Update 1.7: Global Events Header

Click the image above for more intel on Global Events and Tokens!

Classified Gear

Recently we announced our latest version of gear in The Division, Classified Gear. Classified Gear drops from Classified caches during the Global Event week, but can also be earned in game in the common loot pool after the Global Event has ended. Every Global Event will introduce three new Classified Gear sets built off the existing gear sets in game. These are variants of traditional standard gear, carrying expanded stat ranges for the mains, two step recalibration, and five and six piece bonuses.

Update 1.7: Classified Gear Header

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Commendations are an all new, built in achievement system coming to The Division in Update 1.7. They will track a whole range of stats based off your in game performance and unlock accordingly. Currently, there are three main types of Commendation: Challenge, Statistical, and Checklist. Completing Commendations will earn players an all new vanity item, Patches, in a new vanity item slot.


Patches are rewarded for completing Commendations and will replace the SHD Phoenix patch that already exists on the agent’s right arm. These will be a simple and sharp way of making a statement on your Commendations level, and show a bit more of a personal customization to your agent.

Update 1.7: Commendations Header

Click the image above for more intel on Commendations and Patches!


The PC Public Test Server launched today, with a console variant coming soon! We’ve reopened our PTS Forums, and have the Official Update 1.7 PTS Patch Notes live now as well for your reading! We look forward to hearing all of your feedback as the PTS progresses.

Character (Re)Customization

The team is excited to announce that we’ve added an area for the agents of the SHD to rework their characters customization options. The locker room is tucked away in the Terminal, off to the right when entering from the Base of Operations and has a mirror that players can interact with to change their character’s appearance.

Encrypted Caches

Encrypted Caches are a brand new special loot container for purchase from the Premium Vendor. These new caches contain all new vanity items for agents, organized into collections. Encrypted Caches require a new type of key, the Cipher Key to open them. Players can collect key fragments from the in game world and craft these new cipher Keys to pop the top on their Encrypted Caches. Ten key fragments crafts one Cipher Key. Players also have the option of purchasing Cipher Keys from the Premium Vendor.

Ninja Bike Messenger Bag

No wrap up would be complete without mentioning the upcoming changes to a highly debated piece of gear in The Division, the Ninja Bike Messenger Bag. We’ve reintroduced the Ninja Bike Bag into the loot pool for the 1.7 PTS with it’s new special unique talent, The Wildcard. Equipping the bag will now grant the user the next gear set bonus unlock in line with the sets they have equipped. So, for example, two piece Tactician’s Authority, three piece Reclaimer, and Ninja Bike Messenger Bag gives you the two and three piece Tac Authority bonus, as well as the four piece Reclaimer bonus. The options are almost endless, so test away! But also be aware that this exists currently only on the PTS and is subject to change pending those findings.

One other note on the Ninja Bike Messenger Bag. This item only works with two, three, and four piece bonuses, it will not unlock the Classified five and six piece bonuses.

Global Events

Global Events are currently not on this round of the PTS, but will be coming soon. The team is shooting for the second week of PTS, but cannot make that guarantee so stay tuned to the usual channels for more news on that.

Agents of the SHD, Test Away

The team recognizes that we have a substantial task in front of our agents and we look forward to hearing all of your thoughts on everything you see on the PTS. This type of testing provides valuable insight, and we encourage participating agents to try as many different activities and variations of gear as possible.

Thank you all for your continued dedication.

/The Division Dev Team

SEE YOU AT E3 2018!

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