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Community Wrap-Up: December 2015

16-12-2015 05:00

It's time to showcase more of the incredible content that our wonderful community members and fans produce. We’ve found content ranging from Youtube videos, fan art, blog posts, and more!

Massive Visit:

To start of this community wrap-up, we'd like to update you on a special event we held. We invited 15 of our most passionate community members over to the Massive studio in Sweden. They were the first to play the Alpha and actually talk with the devs behind The Division. We've asked them to share their stories about their time in The Division.

And now, let's dive right into the fan created content!


Violet Cosplay shows her love for The Division in this nicely done agent look. She even stated that she used the backpack to collect swag at the event she was attending. How crafty!



Tumblr user Agne has created some gifs from gameplay videos we have released!



You can check out the other gifs on Agne's Tumblr here and here!

Fan Art:

Deviant Art member KeltronX has created an awesome wallpaper featuring a grunge style overlay with a background image for the letters. Clipping mask is definitely a fun element to play around with!


In this piece created by Michal "theR00M", New York comes to life in a softer and more conceptual way. We can't help but love how this drawing leaves so much room for the imagination. What lies beyond those yellow taxis? That's up to you to decide.



Community Member and Youtuber Open World Games has posted a new video in which he discusses character customization/appearance, gear, the "tank class", and more!

Australian/NZ Division fan page challenged Division cosplayer Dave to play some Just Dance in his agent cosplay. Great job shaking a tail feather, Dave!

FASE Graphics made a lovely speed art video using 3D imagery!


Active fan site editor, forum member, and Redditor JokerUnique recently wrote about an interview that happened during Milan Games Week with Lead Designer, James Arthur. You can read more on this interview here.


We have a special episode to The Division Podcast series called “Community Team Invasion”. This episode features Community Developer Hamish, as well as, Community Managers, Torie and Natchai. We talk about The Division and get to know our Community Managers a bit better.

Thank you so much to all of our amazing fans and community members. We look forward to seeing more of your creativity and awesomeness! Do you want to be featured in the next Community-Wrap Up? Please be sure to tweet us your work with the hashtag #CommunityLove!

On behalf of the entire dev team, thank you and much love!

The Division Dev Team <3

@UbiMiisty - Community Manager