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2016-04-26 [News] The Division - Legendary Agents – XxK1NGTEAMxX

Legendary Agents – XxK1NGTEAMxX

26-04-2016 10:11

There are different kinds of Legendary Agents, each pushing the envelope and saving New York City their own way. Today, we’d like to introduce a particular team of Agents to the Community.

These guys don’t have any time to lose, they want to save New York and nothing can stand in their way. They can’t stay and look at New York fall apart while Cleaners and Rikers are taking control of the city. That’s why they finished the main campaign, in hard mode, in a record time of 3 hours and 39 minutes.

The Division Team wants to congratulate them for this achievement!

These Italian guys are not joking!

Watch their performance: